Plato 's Republic, Happiness And Justice Essay

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In Plato’s ‘Republic’, happiness and justice are deeply questioned and analyzed as being interconnected. The broadest assumption of a happy person is one who is most wealthy and with very much power. This is almost an unspoken truth, however, does it really work out? One of the most famous Greek philosophers was Socrates, a son of a stonemason who encouraged discussion among many elite, powerful men. In the Republic written by Plato, the idea of a happy person is dissected thoroughly by Socrates and explained. He makes the argument that the happiest person is the just rather than the unjust. He does this in many ways by explaining; what is a just man, pleasure, tyranny, a city etc. Thus, in Plato’s Republic, Socrates demonstrates a successful argument for why pleasure and virtue, tyranny, philosopher kings, and a beautiful city all contribute to a just person being happier than the unjust.
Justice, being the main discussion in this essay ought to be more properly explained and defined. A modern view of justice is usually being good to others and judicial justice. Justice is looked at differently in ‘Republic’, more directly to happiness. Socrates method was never to teach rather make others rethink their ideas. He claims, “Establishing the parts of the soul so that they dominate and are dominated by each other according to nature, injustice so that they rule and are ruled contrary to nature” (Plato, 2004,444d) He is very focused on doing just because of the community and…

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