Plato 's Philosophy And Teachings Essay

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Term Paper: Summer Joines
Philosophy 1030
For my term paper, I have decided to choose option one. I’m going to be writing about Plato. First I’m going to tell you a little about him. His actual name was Aristocles, but he was given the nick name Plato. The nickname stuck over the years. He was called this because of his broad shoulders, Plato means ‘broad’ or ‘flat’. He is one of the founding fathers of philosophy and has had a massive impact on the history of western thought. He wrote dialogues to help understand his theories. Unlike other Philosophers a lot of his material has lasted over the years.
Plato’s ideas can be divided into three periods: the early, middle, and late. In the early period, he wrote The Apology of Socrates, Protagoras, Euthyphro, Hippias Major and Minor and Ion. In these dialogues, Plato attempts to convey Socrates 's philosophy and teachings. In the middle period, he writes in his own voice on the central ideals of justice, courage, wisdom and moderation of the individual and society. This period to me seemed to be the best. He also wrote the Republican within this time. In the late period, he takes a closer look at his own early metaphysical ideas. He explores the role of art, ethics, and morality.
During his lifetime, Plato witnessed the decline of Athens and experienced the moral uncertainty that resulted. At around twenty years of age, Plato encountered a remarkable man: Socrates. Socrates ' death had a profound impact upon Plato.…

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