Plato 's Influence On The World Essay

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Plato was born between 424 and 428 B.C. and died between 347 and 348 B.C. He had powerful parents, with his father, Ariston, being a descendent of the last king of Athens, and his mother, Perictione, was descended from the great lawmaker Solon. His father died when he was very young, and his mother remarried a man named Pyrilampes. Plato had a large family, with two brothers, a sister, and a half brother. He was originally known as Aristocles, but he chose Plato as a wrestling stage name, and the name stuck. In his earlier years, Plato wanted to become a wrestler, but was never able to make it to the Olympics. Then, he attempted to become a great poet, but could not impress judges in major competitions. By failing to win an Olympic medal or carry off the Greek equivalent of the Nobel Prize, he was forced to become a statesman, or politician, but failed to pursue that further. As a last resort, he decided to try his hand in philosophy and went to listen to Socrates, who had an immediate impact on Plato and became his advisor.
Plato was drawn to Socrates the first time he heard him. For the next nine years, Plato studied under the man who became his mentor, absorbing all he could of his ideas. Socrates’s teaching methods helped Plato realize his mental potential, and opened his eyes to the unexplored areas of the subject of philosophy.
At the same time, Plato, even after finding interest in Socrates’ methods, was still tempted to enter back into politics. However, he dropped…

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