Plato 's First Dialog Euthyphro Essay

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In Plato’s first dialog Euthyphro, there are two characters introduced, Socrates and Euthyphro. The two of them have a discussion about what brought them to the king-archon’s court. The discussion leads to an argument between the two about what piety is. The Euthyphro dialog illustrates to the reader what brought them there, the true philosophical dilemma for Euthyphro, and the false dilemma for Socrates that relates to arguments employed later by Socrates in Plato 's apology dialog. In the beginning of Euthyphro, Euthyphro first asks Socrates why he has come to the king archon’s court (Euthyphro). Socrates then tells him a man named Meletus has charged him for corrupting the youth (Euthyphro 2B). This curiosity is shared by Socrates who asks why Euthyphro came to the king-archon’s court. Euthyphro explains to Socrates that he was prosecuting his own father on murder charges (Euthyphro 4A). Socrates was in shock that a man would hold his own family member accountable (Euthyphro 4B). This must have been difficult for Euthyphro to put charges against his father, but it shows how strongly he believed in justice. Euthyphro goes on to say, he believed his father to be a murderer, even though his father did not kill the servant with his own two hands, but rather by causing him to starve to death (Euthyphro 4D). He believes that his father is being pious; however Euthyphro’s family believes Euthyphro to be pious, since his father did not kill the servant and now Euthyphro is…

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