Plato 's Apology Of Socrates Essay

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Socrates, despite being executed centuries ago, continues to be a standing figure of a system of beliefs that is still exists today. Many people throughout the centuries have taken Socrates words into their own lives despite him being constantly ridiculed for being a disgrace to Athens. Throughout Plato’s Apology to Socrates, Socrates not only defends himself in the courtroom with honest facts about his life, but uses this as his last lecture to humanity in order to convince the people of Athens to follow his apprentices into live a life of virtue. In the beginning of the trial, Socrates appears to discreetly plant a seed of pity within the minds of his audience. He uses the praeteritio strategy well in this case by lightly foreshadowing the future of his spouse and children will experience after his execution. Being the wise man that Socrates is, he most likely used this in hopes to lighten the jury up on his charges. Despite Socrates stating earlier in his defense speech that he doesn’t wish to seek sympathy with the jury, he mentions how he had sacrificed time with his family in order to reconcile Athens to a life of virtue: “many years now I have endured that the things of my family be uncared for; and on the other hand, that I always do your business…persuading you to care for virtue” (Plato, Apology, 31b). But why bring a significant topic, like family, in the middle of a speech only to disregard it and not bring it up again? Socrates uses this to show his…

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