Plato 's Apology Of Socrates Essay

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If a person could go back in time to witness an incredible event in history where should they go? It would have to be something that has a lot of significance for them. One of the most significant incidents in history was Socrates trial in 399 BCE. His trial’s outcome has led to our knowledge of virtue and living a good life as it is known today. He is considered the father of western philosophy, and his prodigies would spread his beliefs and wisdom around the world. Socrates’ most famous student was Plato, and he wrote the Apology which is the recording of Socrates’ defense in his trial and the outcome from his conviction of charges. There are many perceptions of what happened and what he meant with his actions in his defense. Socrates was well known for his philosophy and he was always trying to see who was the wisest. He would do that by questioning the people of Athens and would find that they were ignorant of the knowledge they said they had. In Plato’s “Apology of Socrates”, Socrates dislike for the sophists, and their lack of knowledge on virtue and justice, leads him to test the jurors on their character in his defense. One of the biggest reasons why Socrates would be testing the jury for their character would be from his dislike for the sophists. There are multiple explanations for his distaste of the sophists and these are just a few. A great justification as to why he disliked them was because “they were teachers who benefited from the market in a democratic city…

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