Plato to Darwin to Dna Essay

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Raj Maheshwari
BIO 11 Lab
Professor Lauren Larin
Queens College
Spring 2016

Plato to Darwin to DNA – A Brief History
Dr. Esther I. Muehlbauer

This book has been molded to be a breakdown of how various fields in science have progressed over centuries as mankind has advanced. The book starts off introducing the idea that the telling of natural history has changed numerous times as humans have evolved. We also learn to agree that our knowledge has been shaped by the tools available and the perceptions of its users. In the earliest stages of life, Muehlbauer states “…observers of the natural world had only their senses to work with, and were limited to visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory descriptions perceived by the unaided
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Plato “strived to develop a comprehensive theory that uncovered discrepancies in human thought” (pg. 19, Muehlbauer). Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.) was Plato’s disciple who contributed a substantial amount to the historical development of biology – by reinterpreting and building on Plato’s concept of essentialism, his “theory of forms,” and founding his own school in Athens – the Lyceum. We learn that Aristotle contributed to four important writings in natural history. In his book “De anima (‘On the Soul’)” we see him question the internal question – what is life and when does it begin? He defines life as having “the power of self-nourishment and of independent growth and decay.” Throughout this entire book, as readers, we see an influx of relatable knowledge and information to retain. From the birth of modern to science to where it has brought us today this book shows us just about every step it took to bring us here. Personally, out of all the textbooks I have been required to purchase for “academia” throughout my undergraduate career – this is one book I plan on keeping on my bookshelf and actually re-reading in a handful of sittings. This thought invoking book has contributed to the basic 101’s of my knowledge in the sciences as a Finance major at Queens College. No one person will ever know what the future may bring

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