Plato Third Man Argument Analysis

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The third man argument refers to a criticism of Plato’s theory of forms. Plato believed that for every class of objects, a group of objects that share that same defining property or essences there was an ideal form that is over and above it. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy describes that for the theory of forms, for every property F there must be a form, F-ness, where all objects with F get that property. “From the existence of a plurality of F things and the fact that, for any such plurality P, there is a form of F-ness by virtue of partaking of which each member of P is F, it follows that there is one form over the many members of P” (Stanford Para number). Lets consider the following class of variables; x1, x2, and x3, there exists …show more content…
(frag 134e). Plato proposed that there exists only One of everything and that everything is a copy. For Plato, forms only exist in the mind of the creator and that intellectual truth is truer than physical truth. So does that mean I am a copy of my mother’s and father’s gene pool, Plato would agree. For Parmenides, something cannot come from nothing and, therefore, birth is impossible the coming to be and cannot go to nothing, thus death is also impossible. An empty space is nothing, a non-being and non-being cannot exist, and, therefore, an empty space cannot exist. After reading the Parmenides, I look at the world in a metaphysical view, that everything is not changing. He opened my eyes and allowed me to view reality from a different perspective. A plant is only a plant, a being that does not change and we humans are also a being. Movements, changes, death, appearances, birth are all an illusion.
In Plato’s The Parmenides forms of becoming movement is an illusion, which is contrary to our perceptions, because in reality nothing moves. Parmenides was a monist and conserved the problem of the one and the many. The world of becoming is illogical and sense perceptions are unreliable. The Zeno’s paradox and the third man argument allow us to further get a strong understanding on the forms. To conclude, The Parmenides by Plato is mind numbing but he did arrive at his conclusions through sound reasoning and conveyed a reality that is

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