The Quarrel Between Philosophy And Poetry: From The Republic, Book X

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Abby Kochevar
Philosophy 101
December 7, 2016
Philosophy of Art
Art has inspired many if not most people throughout society with murals, structures, painting, and music. Art is created in a variety of forms every day in a variety of ways. Some people believe that art is a more significant aspect to the world than others. Some people can point the art in anything, while some cannot find art without it being pointed out for them. When listening to music some may think “I just like this song,” but to others it may be a piece of art that changes the way someone feels. Art can also be disguised as entertainment which is less appreciated than if it were looked at for what it is, which is art. The philosopher Plato’s idea of art shows the importance it has on society with his argument in his piece, The Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry: From The Republic, Book X, I cannot agree with his stance on art in that it is not beneficial to human life or society by expression and creativity. Plato’s view on art is something that most would disagree with in todays society. He believes that art does not benefit society or human life, but it just creates pleasure. He uses two
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He does create a solid argument for why art is not beneficial in his writing of The Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry: From The Republic, Book X in which it isn’t necessary except for pleasure. In my opinion, Plato does not value the connection between society and humans with feelings and expression. Art is something that should be able to show creativity and openness to the world, but to Plato, this does not bring new knowledge so therefore it should be disregarded. Art is shown everywhere without people even realizing it, but if you look at the bigger picture art shows a deeper level of meaning and understanding that cannot be expressed in any other

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