Plato And Socrates : An Authentic Definition Of Justice Essay

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O wise man, no matter how many times you try, you fall short of reaching the essence of justice. Your ignorance restrains you from seeing your virtues. If only you could remove your veil of ignorance, then you will come closer to true wisdom of Justice, but it seems that you are contented with the commodities of this world. Does this make you not wise, but a fool? Or is better to say that Justice is indefinable and unsolvable, and that is beyond human understanding? Plato and Socrates imparted their noble wisdom so that we were better off in life. If they would be still around, they would be disillusioned to see our state of deterioration. They endeavored us to be in harmony with our souls. Indeed, things, people, and ideas have changed, except the unsuccessful search for Justice. Perhaps we will never have an authentic definition of Justice, nor we will fully understand what it is; however, we must keep genuinely searching without any expectation of a reward or of a punishment, but of a duty itself.

Education is a powerful weapon to defeat ignorance, because knowledge enables us to discriminate between the opposite of many forms, for example life and death, justice and injustice. This is vital in creating a successful society. In Plato’s Republic, Socrates, the wisest of all men, because he knows nothing, questions all men who thought to be wise. In his exploration, he encounters an unconscious society, oblivious to their surroundings, and that are governed by a false…

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