Plato And Aristotle

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Philosophers during the first part of time were creating the ways that we see things to this day. Philosophy has been here since the beginning of time in which we can study the way of life. The first two big philosophers were the big main ones that created certain things that we can describe the world the way we see it today because of their methods. The two philosophers that were important were: Plato and Aristotle. The essence of Plato was mainly about forms in which he described the world by only in form. He called Ideas “forms”. He believes that two items that have a sensible same thing are equal because they share the same equality in a way. The forms that Plato puts in his Good chart was the top half of the chart because that half is objective. The objective half isn’t really part of the real world. Forms are the Truth for the divided line. The essence of Aristotle was completely different than Plato because he disagrees that everything is not a form. He believes that everything is its own separate things. He puts things into 10 categories. These categories make each thing its own thing because these categories separate each thing. The Substance is a thing but it’s a primary substance. Aristotle calls things a substance. Each thing can be said of or present of …show more content…
His student Socrates helps really push his thing about the republic. His way about Forms was really trying to get out there to the people. This was Plato’s way of describing the world because there wasn’t really anything that would separate things from one another. Plato was about the gods being the immortal center of the world and animals not being anything important. He said Epistemology is the how we know what we know. His method of knowledge is his Divided line theory in which everything is put into that line. He also pushes Virtue in which things have their virtue during its time in the world

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