Plato’s 1st Argument for the Immortality of the Soul from Opposites and Theory of Reincarnation

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Plato’s 1st argument for the Immortality of the Soul from opposites and Theory of Reincarnation Plato’s Phaedo is a dialog between Phaedo, Cebes and Simmias where Socrates gives some arguments for the immortality of the soul. In this work, Phaedo tells us about Socrates’ final days, who has been convicted to death. Great philosopher does not have a fear of death because he believes that when a man dies, the soul still exists even if the body perishes. Trying to prove his arguments, Socrates presents two proofs – Doctrine of Opposites and second which is based on Theory of Recollections. In Phaedo he writes: “That soul, I say, herself invisible, departs to the invisible world – to the divine and immortal and rational…”. …show more content…
Plato's theory of The Forms argued that everything in the natural world is representative of the ideal of that form. However, when the soul is born into the natural world, it forgets that knowledge. In this world, the soul has no experience of perfection, and, therefore, cannot remember the forms. Yet, when the soul is confronted with something resembling the forms, it recollects what it once knew. We call this learning, but Plato believed it is actually recollection. For example, when we see two sticks that are the same length, we say that they are equal. Yet, there is nothing in the natural world that shows us true equality. Therefore, we must have had knowledge of the idea of equality before we entered this world. When we see the two sticks of the same length, it triggers the recollection of the idea of equality. Hence, Plato argues that our soul, before it entered this world, had knowledge of the form of equality when it was a part of the invisible realm. Plato commits that humans know tons of things and concepts which they have not learned on the earth, thus they were learned before we have been born. Also, there is a well-known phenomenon known as “reincarnation” which defined as a transmigration of the soul. From dictionary I found out that reincarnation is “entering the flesh again”. It means that soul never stops existing – after the death of the

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