Platinum Box Case Study Essay

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Statement of Issues

The main problem in this Platinum case is the decision whether or not to single source to Jabaking with the expansion of printing equipment. Because Conrad of Jabaking was instrumental to helping Platinum find their feet and establish its ground in the printing industry in 1992 does not necessarily mean Platinum press has to be indebted to Jabaking thirteen years after. Even though Conrad has always hinted Jim Hicza since 1992 that he expects that Platinum will reward them for the favour in future, business decisions have to made at crucial times even as long term business relationships still has to be sustained. Platinum will have to blend these two crucial business principles if it wants
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Yet it's not the best tactic for complex acquisitions where dynamics in addition to price are in play. It's also not a good tactic when negotiating from a position of weakness which can be argued for in this case with Jim Hicza and Conrad of Jabaking.

The collaborative style is best suited for more complex negotiations, including ones where you're "negotiating out of a hole," which can be the present situation Platinum Press in it right now in that they are somewhat indebted to Jabaking. Collaborative negotiations:

· Focus on mutual problem solving in a collaborative fashion. The use of positive group problem-solving techniques, rather than oppositional positioning, is a core tenet of collaborative negotiations.

· They are non-confrontational: This does not mean the buyer is weak. Rather it means that negotiations are conducted in a positive manner and are focused on creating solutions that can work for both sides. The ability to keep things positive is a critical skill for supply management professionals.

· Yield to principle but not to pressure: A collaborative negotiation quickly falls apart if the buying organization compromises on this guideline. Once the buying company yields to pressure from its sales opponents to focus solely on price, the positive atmosphere essential to collaborative negotiations quickly evaporates.

Successful collaborative negotiations require greater skill and experience than

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