Platform Of The American Anti Imperialist League Essay

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“Platform of the American Anti-Imperialist League”, got published by Carl Schurz in 1899 and it appeared to be a political opinion piece. The purpose of publishing this article this may have been to influence people who supported the idea of imperialism. Schurz claimed that imperialism held a lack of compatibility with the values that the American government claimed they stood for. Hence, when the United States seized control of the Philippines by force, Schurz felt compelled to write this article. The Philippines had been under a self-government and the Unites States only took control of the Philippines as a response to their rift with Spain. Due to this it gave the impression that the United States and the other powers at the time, saw this small country as some token on a game board to be moved as they pleased. Furthermore, it can perhaps be argued that the author held a noticeable bias in this source as a result of his vehement dislike for imperialism as a whole. When writing this piece, Schurz’s target audience looked to have been the general public of the Unites States. The reasoning for having them as his intended audience may have been a hope he held of convincing them to give up both their hold on the Philippines and their idea that imperialism represented the freedom that the constitution spoke of. In the case of this source, the point seems to be a desire to show the American people living at that time, the grave incompatibility between the United States actions…

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