Plastic Surgery Essay

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Takae Iiyama
Professor: Nitza Llaldo
November 13th, 2014
Amazing Days “Three Days to See” by Helen Keller is about what she would like to see if she were given her sight back for three days because she wishes to see as much she can. In her first day, she wants to see her companions whom have made her “life worth living”. Most people can recognize and distinguish their friends. She would see her friends’ face, her loyal dogs, and young child. Also, in the afternoon, she will stroll through the hidden paths of the forest and admire the color of the sunset. On the second and third days, she continues to narrate the events for her sightseeing. The second day, she will awake to be awake to be in the awe of the daybreak. If I
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On this day, I want to crying, laughing, and being happy with them. On the second day, I would travel Japan and I’ll see beautiful Japanese ancient architectures in the morning to evening. I’ll go to Tokyo to visit my birthplace, Asakusa, Tokyo. If I have time to visit, I will visit to childhood friend there. Then, I’ll visit Kyoto, Japan to see beautiful ancient architectures. I don’t know about Japan because I spend in Germany most of my twenty-one years life, and there are hometown of my dad is there. I’ll visit Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkaku Temple, and Abeseimei Shrine in Kyoto. After that, I’ll visit Okinawa to see awesome sun set and blue sky on the beach. For me, these things show I’m alive. Also, I’ll take the video and pictures of views. After that, I’ll back to Tokyo from Okinawa by the plane and I will get on the flight to France on the late night, I want see the amazing sun rise from the airplane during my fright.
On the final day, I would travel France and Germany. First of all, I’ll to go to Mont-Saint-Michel, Loire Valley, Louvre Museum, Opera, and the Place of Versailles, in France as soon as I will arrive there to early afternoon. I want to sear into my memories because these are known as beautiful place to sightseeing and it is my dream to visit these places. After that, I will visit Germany because I want to see for myself my place where I grew up, Berlin, German. I spend most time there, and I want to visit relative on my

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