Plastic Surgery Too Young Essay

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Plastic surgery has been around for hundreds, even thousands of years and has become a part in people’s lives. How so? The number of procedures have gained recent popularity and is more easily available to more people. It gained more popularity after World War 1 and the number of patients that have undergone plastic surgery increases every year and the age decreases.
One of the biggest arguments about plastic surgery is ‘how young is too young?’. Ignoring facts about the side effects caused from the procedures, the age number is a little surprising. The most common age isn’t a young age at all actually. During recent years the most common age is around the mid 40s to mid 50s to remove wrinkles and other blemishes that have come with age. The idea that young women are the ones to typically have plastic surgery done is false. Many adolescent women have admitted they do like it but cannot not afford it, which is why more older people are the ones to have some sort of procedures done. They have more money and have more skin problems than younger women. However the idea of more youthful people
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The children that have work done are for lifesaving procedures or to remove dangerous objects in the body. For example, removing a tumor from the child’s body that is causing harm on the health of the child, or skin cancer. This falls under the category of reconstructive surgery, which is what most people support. Both cosmetic and reconstructive are plastic surgery, and at times they switch places. Older woman wanting to look years younger will have cosmetic done, but they are reconstructing their face in order to make it look like it was before. People born with birth defects will have reconstructive surgery when they have overall health but want to remove the piece of them that causes people to stare or makes them feel

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