Plastic Surgery Good Or Bad Essay

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Cosmetic Surgery is it Good or Bad?
As we found out over the recent years people mostly have gotten that your image and the way you appear is a major factor in today’s world. Being beautiful is everyone’s fantasy and when you’re actually able to make your dreams become a reality the majority of the people will want to make it happen. This is where cosmetic surgery comes in also known as “plastic surgery”. With cosmetic surgery you’re able to change the way you appear by fixing any body part you wish to desire. However, even though this surgery is widely used today plastic surgery still has a lot of its ups and downs. For example, the demand for beauty by our society, our safety, whether or not it’s becoming an addiction, and how they feel
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By the UCLA Cosmetic Surgeons, cosmetic surgery is done for somebody who either wants to change their appearance to look more normal, or change a body part to make them feel better. There are many different types of procedures that our done every day to make either a man or woman feel more confident in their skin. The three different types of surgeries are known as plastic, Cosmetic, and reconstructive. Plastic surgery usually involves procedures that have to deal with your skin. Cosmetic surgery would be whatever procedures that has to deal with your face. While a reconstructive surgeries are the ones that involve the regrowth of our bones and skin transplant. Even though these types of procedures are known as expensive the number of individuals deciding to undergo with surgeries increase continuously each …show more content…
In the process of getting your surgery done it is said that you’re given a consent form to show you all the possible risks that may happen before or after your procedure. Although, there are few procedures that are completely safe said by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) “including fillers, neurotoxins and laser and energy device procedures. Is Stated that about 20,000 procedures were made just around the country" that are known to have no serious risks. The much larger cosmetic surgeries such as buttock augmentation and eyelid surgery is believed by professor of dermatology at Northwestern University Murad Alam "is that if you are thinking of getting one of these procedures, you are not indulging in something drastic or high risk." (The Qualitative Report

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