Plastic Surgery : Cosmetic And Reconstructive Essay

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Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic and Reconstructive
What do you think of when you hear plastic surgery? Women who feel the need to “lift” their breasts? Women that is obese wanting to lose weight? Celebrities that want to look younger and have no wrinkles? All of these are common thoughts when it comes to the idea of plastic surgery. Think about a lady who was in a car accident and has severe burns? Plastic surgery is referred to as a special surgery that associate with a person’s appearance as well as their function ability (Dowshen MD). The term plastic came from the Greek word ‘plastikos,’ which means giving form (Andrew). There are two main types of plastic surgery, Reconstructive and Cosmetic or (aesthetic) surgery. Reconstructive surgery is to correct defects on the body. They can include birth defects, injuries, trauma, and cleft lips. Reconstructive surgery is to rebuild. Whereas, cosmetic surgery changes a body part that a person does not feel comfortable with. This surgery can include breast augmentation, nose reshaping, and liposuction. Plastic surgery only needs to be used when correcting a body part, not for making breasts larger. In todays generation teens are having plastic surgeries done to “fit in.” The American Society of Plastic Surgery states that 63,623 procedures were performed on teens aged 13-19 in the year 2013 (ASPS).
Reconstructive Surgery Reconstructive surgery again, is the correcting of a body part due to a disease, or defect, and even trauma. It…

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