Essay on Plastic Surgery And Its Effects On The Outer Appearance

700 Words Oct 11th, 2015 3 Pages
Plastic surgery is a well-known medical treatment involves changing of the outer appearance. At first, the main purpose why someone has to take plastic surgery is because that person needs it to restore a part of his/ her body that has been damaged. As time goes on, people invent various practices on plastic surgery. In this era, some people do plastic surgery not because of their health problems, but mainly because they want to look better. This type of surgery is known as cosmetic plastic surgery. When we read the word “cosmetic” what comes through our mind? Maybe lipstick, eyeliner, etc. Something considered as a supplement that makes the girls look prettier. The same definition goes to cosmetic plastic surgery. So why does plastic surgery is such a big issue when the purpose of it is good?
The society are complaining and debating about plastic surgery. They believe that plastic surgery brings suffer or pain to the patient and some of the practices may be fail and the victim has to bear the side effects permanently. In fact, there is a procedure to be done before taking the plastic surgery such as consulting with the doctor before everything being decided and the critical part is, finding a trusted hospital where the doctor has a legal practicing certificate to reduce the possibility of any mistreatment. Moreover, the patient also has to listen to the doctor’s advice carefully after the surgery has been performed. By doing these things, you don’t need to be scared of…

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