Plastic Surgery And Its Effects On Society Essay

787 Words May 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Plastic surgery is one of the most widely used forms of surgery in the United States. With over 14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed in 2012 alone, you start to wonder who are all these people getting work done. Around 64 thousand of these patients are actually teenagers. Most of them get a new set of boobs, new noses, new butts, and it creates a lot of controversy. Under very strict circumstances should teenagers have plastic surgery done to them. You may be asking yourself “what is so bad about it?” Well in most cases the teenagers getting the plastic surgery are not yet fully grown, thus making most of the modifications to their body useless. There is also the risk of them realizing that they regret their decision to get these changes, and in most cases it is already too late. There are some doctors who say that they can completely reverse the effects, but that’s just not true. You won’t look exactly the same as you did before. There are many health risks for plastic surgery especially in teenagers that are still developing. Most woman who get breast implants have at least on serious complication within 3 years. Some of these include hematomas, infections, loss of nipple sensation, and in some cases extreme scarring. There does however come a point when we should allow teens to have plastic surgery if the situation is there for it. If say a teen had some sort of deformation on their lip, then it would be totally ethical to have plastic surgery…

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