Essay about Plastic Surgery And Its Effects On Society

1596 Words Jan 18th, 2016 7 Pages
People need to discuss plastic surgery more and need to know all the facts that evolve this specific procedure. Why is this information and need for talk important? The reasons are endless, and the discussions will lead to new discoveries and insight that many people will never realized.
Not everyone will see the amazing, mind-blowing discoveries. They will keep the mind set that plastic surgery, the procedure to permanently or temporarily one’s physical appearance, is this and only this. They will not believe that it can do harm, and that makes logical sense. For years it has been abused by many people trying to get a look that destroys their true self. It has been misguided and not well used by more than one person and has been given a bad reputation because of this. It is quite sad that this happened, since plastic surgery is in truth not always so bad and is very helpful. The lies and the harm caused are from people that have mistreated it in silly ways, In this case they have faulted the procedure.
The media is showing images of beautiful people which makes individuals want to look perfect then feel that plastic surgery is the only way, to achieve perfection people need to be telling others that they are beautiful as they are and that plastic surgery is not necessary and can be very dangerous. Although this is not always the case, people give the misconceptions, the incomplete truths about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery, and go on about “how…

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