Plastic Surgery And Its Effects On Our Health Essay

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During ages 13-17 adolescents grow and change rapidly due to hormones. It is impossible to exactly predict how a person will develop because we don’t grow in patterns or all develop the same. Plastic surgery may interrupt or jump ahead of a teen’s development. An adolescent could later regret the surgery due to unforeseen changes. If a teenager has surgery to enlarge her breasts at 16 for example but develops larger breasts at 20 she wasted money and needlessly put her health at risk. There wasn’t an apparent flaw in this argument to me.
The layout of the second part to my argument is:
(i) Teens are people
(ii)People should make decisions to protect their health
(iii) Plastic surgery has many health risks
(iv) Thus teens should not have plastic surgery
Teens like people of all other ages should make choices beneficial to their health. Someone should choose a salad over fries because it’s better for their health. Plastic surgery poses many threats to our health. Risks for common plastic surgeries “include infection, damage to skin, nerves, or vital organs, fat or blood clots”, excessive fluid loss or accumulation, and implant leakage. One could also awake during surgery from not receiving enough anesthesia. According to Bob Groves “Some 26,000 patients awaken during surgery under general anesthesia every year in the United States.” Young adults 13-17 shouldn’t receive plastic surgery to avoid all of this. I couldn’t find an issue with this argument.
The outline of my final…

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