Essay about Plastic Surgery : Aesthetic And Reconstructive

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Plastic Surgery: Aesthetic and Reconstructive

Specific Purpose: To inform you about cosmetic plastic surgery and its growing popularity amongst baby boomers.
Central Idea: I want to inform you about the growing popularity of plastic surgery by explaining to you what it is, what the types of plastic surgery is performed, and the reasons people decide to do the procedure.

I. I am sure we have all heard about plastic surgery before, in fact you have probably heard of some celebrity plastic surgery horror stories, like Lil Kim, Kim Novak, or even Kim Kardashian – okay maybe not Kim Kardashian. But the point is they have all done plastic surgery to improve or change something about themselves.

II. The first description of surgery where body parts were reconstructed date from 800 BC (Pećanac, 200) and now plastic surgery has become a popular procedure that is not only done by the rich, but by average people who aspire to change their physical features for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

III. Today I will impart what I have learned by explaining what plastic surgery is, what the various types of plastic surgery are, and the reasons people decide to do the procedure.

To begin, we first need to understand what plastic surgery is.

I. Based on a journal written by Marija Pećanac, “Plastic surgery is a medical and surgical specialty which deals with corrections and reconstructions of body parts after injuries, birth or cosmetic defects.” (Pećanac, 199)

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