Plastic Paradise Analysis

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The documentary 'Plastic Paradise' released in April 22, 2014 directed by Angela Sun, shows the effects, plastic has on the environment. This documentary is effective in multiple ways. Their Facts are very well their strongest suit, second most effective is the emotional appeal they have shown, however their least effective are the interviewers. Plastic harms the ocean and its inhabitants, which also affects the people because they eat what has been in the ocean. Plastic has been in the marine animals we have eaten, and now it's in us humans.
Some plastic just floats around for years on end, others do wash up in a remote island where all the albatross nests, and you can see how it affects them and their environment. All the washed-up plastic
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Angela Sun, a normal person who just wanted some answers, went on a journey to discover if a place called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was real. Around it was a bunch of birds called the Albatross. Albatross inhabit the island where the Garbage Patch is, and it affects them in the long-run. Birds that were alive one day were dead the next with a full stomach, and it was full of plastic which no one can digest. John Klavitter a biologist for the US fish and Wildlife stated that "5 tons of plastic brought in by albatross and to baby chicks" (30:49). That is just really sad. In one instance, Angela had found a dead baby chick skeleton still in their nest with plastic in the center. Birds are not able to identify that plastic is not food, all they have in their mind is to feed the chicks back at their island. What they see is easy food to get a hold of, not knowing that it might kill them. What's worst is what's inside the plastic. A chemical called BPA is an organic synthetic compound, that damages young infants if taken. Jeanne Rizzo a Pres/CEO, Breast Cancer Research Fund, said that the chemical BPA which is found in plastic, was "originally design for birth control" (26:18). That's a little worrying. The chemical that causes premature births, birth defects and learning disabilities, was meant for birth control, meaning that you are putting this chemical in your body without knowing that it was in

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