Plastec Case Study Essay

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Plastec Case Study #2 Keeping motivation in the work place demands not only the workers attention and focus but the employer’s attention as well. There are many ways to keep your workers motivated. The main point is to keep them satisfied. There are several different ways to keep workers satisfied, compensation, benefits and in the authors opinion one of the most important ways usually is overlooked and that is work atmosphere. The Plastec Company must look at these factors when trying to reduce turnover and increase productivity. The first way to keep your workers motivated is through wages and benefits that your organization offers. The better the compensation package provided by the employer the higher job …show more content…
Some providers of this benefit provide credit cards to the employee so that when they need to use the money they have access to it, while others have the employee pay up front with re-imbursement after the fact. These accounts offer the individual a method of reducing their taxable income as well as method of ensuring funds are available when they are needed. (Tall Tree Health, n.d.) In the authors opinion with medical expenses as well as dare costs on the rise this is a highly sought after benefit. Increasing productivity can be an essential element to increasing profits. There are many ways to going about this. The author has already discussed two of them, wages and benefits. Now we will discuss another method of increasing motivation with the desired outcome of increasing productivity: fostering a positive work atmosphere. In the authors experience the work atmosphere is one of the most overlooked benefits of employment. Many people will chose to work for less pay in a better environment, one they feel appreciated and respected in, than one where they are not. In order to create this positive atmosphere, employees must have a sense of shared values with the organization. They need to feel that they have ownership in the company and its products, or as some call it pride in what they do. In a positive work environment employees feel appreciated for the effort that they put

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