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The medication Plaquenil has been prescribed for the treatment of various illnesses that include malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, and systemic lupus. The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the side effects that can damage the visual system. Even though the side effects cover a broad range, the results on the illness that Plaquenil is prescribed for outweigh the side effects. The side effects will impact individuals in different ways, depending on the dosage and the length of time that the medicine is prescribed. Effects on the visual system include reactions on the cornea, the retina, and the macula. Effects could also result in a scotoma and can result in the disease Retinopathy, which also affects the retina. Some effects can be …show more content…
Research shows that individuals that have taken the drug Plaquenil have experienced side effects related to its use. The side effects may vary based on the amount that the individual is prescribed. The medication is prescribed according to the individual’s weight and height and will impact individuals in different ways. Cunha (n.d) also explains that if the medication is taken for long periods of time, it will occasionally cause very serious eye damage. Karmel (2011) agrees that taking Plaquenil for a long period of time will result in vision damage. How can Plaquenil and the side effects of long term use affect those using the drug and the visual system?
The side effects of the frequent use of Plaquenil cover a broad range. Nonetheless, doctors will prescribe this medication based on the positive results the patient experiences in the treatment of the specified illness. Therefore, the results outweigh the side effects. However, doctors highly recommend that patients keep a close watch on any reactions and notify the physician immediately (Cunha, n.d.). If the medication affects the visual system, the patient must seek medical attention. The side effects on the visual system include: sensitivity to light, vision changes (blurred vision or seeing light flashes, missing or blacked
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Pericentral or paracentral scotoma, and central scotoma may be present, causing decreased visual acuity, but it rarely affects color vision (Food and Drug Administration, 2006).
Retinopathy. When reading, the patient may experience words, letters or missing parts in objects, photophobia, blurred distance vision, or missing or blacked out areas of the central and peripheral vision. These are the most common symptoms attributed to Retinopathy. Retinopathy does appear to be related to the dosage of Plaquenil and can occur within months (rarely) to several years of daily use. Retinopathy may progress even after the drug is discontinued (Food and Drug Administration, 2006).
As with any medication that is used for long term, Plaquenil needs to be vigorously monitored by the patient and doctor. As a recommendation, a vision screening can benefit the patient in documenting any changes. The screening should be done before the first intake of the dosage and possibly every six months to a year. Vigilant monitoring and continued communication between patient and doctor is vital to ensure that Plaquenil is effective in treatment and that side effects are not

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