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Shawn Pierre
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Unit 4 Assignment 1
Personal Leadership Action Plan

The challenge within the action plan is to be cognizant of my strengths and weaknesses within the context of my professional and personal life allowing for me to constructively work towards strengthening my weaknesses. The deeper subset to the challenge will require that truth and sincerity of my experiences both professionally and personally be disclosed. The sense of urgency is present and current, I have personally faced my difficult experiences over the past years and the strengths that brought me through have at times been undermined by the lack of development of my weakness. The mere recognition of a weakness does not
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The next core component is the ability to identify, evaluate, and understand myself, others and the immediate environment. When I took the Jung Typology Test my type was ENTJ. I am moderate performance of extroversion over Introversion, Intuitions over sensing, Thinking of Feeling and Judging over Perceiving. I am a realists I am down to earth person I use commonsense and beliefs in life situation. I don't hold anything back and I say what’s on my mind and do not hold anything back. Joe Butt said that ENTJ have a natural tendency to marshal and direct. I agree totally with Joe I always want to be in charge and control I have to take over and control everything. I do not need anything encouragement when making plans. ENJT are able to cut straight to the chase in any situation and not be sidetracked by non-essential issues. I am propensity for leadership for leadership which follow a naturally from the ability to control a damage real time and real world situation. I am best in situations that need sound common sense and practical ability with people. With this in mind, I must evaluate other people around me and know how they best operate. The next core component is the ability to understand and act on my own and others’ work-related motivations and emotions. I have found that I am most motivated by personal feedback, seeing my work affect others positively, and recognition. Everyone is motivated by something different-the key to a good leader is motivating each

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