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Inquiry Research Paper Every plant is different. There are no two plants that are the same, nor are there two that grow the same way. Some plants grow in hot, dry environments while others grow in cold, damp environments. Some plants grow in the tropical rain forests while others grow in prairies. Even plants that are in the same family can grow in different climates and environments. Plants can be as similar as they are different. Plants need certain factors to be able to thrive in an environment. They need certain levels of water and sunlight. They need a certain type of soil and certain amount of shade. Plants are very picky on how, when and where they grow.
The Beavertail Cactus, African Lilly, and Boston fern are three plants
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The flower is a pink or red color. In some cases, the flower could be yellow or white however that is rare. These flowers are large. The petals of the flower can grow to be two to three inches wide (fifty-five to seventy-five millimeters). The flowers grow between January and February. They typically bloom between March and June. The Beavertail cactus are typically found in Eastern California, through Utah, and Arizona. They are native to Southwest Utah, Southern California and Northern Mexico. Even though they are found in California, they do not live near the coast. The cactus typically thrive in hot and dry climates. They like to live in rocky and sandy deserts or canyons. They prefer sand like soils and they love the sunlight. The cactus does produce some fruit. The fruit can be a pink, magenta color to green. When it matures, it becomes a dull brown color. The “barrel” shaped fruit can be one to two inches long (twenty-five to fifty millimeters). It can also be a half an inch to one inch wide (twelve to twenty-five millimeters). Many brown, round seeds fall from the cactus. An animal uses the cactus as protection. Packrats build their dens at the bottom of the plant. The spikes that are on the cactus protect the rats from their predators. The Beavertail cactus is a truly amazing plant that thrives in dry, rocky areas. It requires little water and a lot of sunlight. It produces vibrant flowers

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