Planning a Party Essay

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Paulo Chun
Mrs. Zeldin
AP English
22 November 2005
Planning a Party
Food, fun, friends, dancing, and a memorable night are all parts of an awesome party. Summer is coming up and I want to host the best summer party of them all. Essential needs of a good party are food, entertainment, comfort, and style. People must enjoy and remember this party for the rest of their lives. In order to prepare for this party, good planning and money are needed. I am a billionaire and money is not so much of my concern but planning all that is needed to make this party a success is the hard part of it all.
First of all a location must be found. I must find a spacious site or club where I could fit about 400 people. With good space, people are able to
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A bar will also be open for cocktails. Bartenders with a few tricks up their sleeves can also show off their moves and amuse those watching them mix up the drinks.
As a whole, style is a major important factor. The theme of this big feast is "Hot Summer Party," therefore small details must be added to give a good effect on the party based on the title. Different tones of red light and yellow would be added to the dance floor to give effects of fire and heat. Strobe lights would also be added as well as fog machines in order to give some cool effects on the dance floor. The entrance could also be decorated with torches with fire and a big well made sign with the theme written on it. Waiters could also be wearing hot summer attire in order to give people that sort of mood in the party.
Finally invitations must be sent to all my friends and acquaintances. Not all people that I invite will come, but about eighty percent of the 400 people I invite will probably come. In the invitations I would write the theme, address, and details of the party. The attire for this party would be less social but more based on a causal and relaxed summer attire. Yet, the guests should always have in mind that they should dress to impress.
Clearly, planning a party is not an easy task. Yet, with some effort and early preparations, the best summer party can be a

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