Essay Planning Function at Boeing

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The Planning Function at Boeing

The Planning Function at Boeing The Boeing Corporation is second largest aerospace and defense contractor in the world and the largest exporter in the United States (Wikipedia, 2008). The management within this organization incorporates the four functions of management beginning with the planning function. Boeing is a large corporation that is well known all over the world that deals with many responsibilities. Legal, ethical, and social responsibilities are factors that have an impact on management planning. Boeing also deals with factors that influence the company’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. The company has a proven record that management is able to deal with
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The executive management staff at Boeing plans accordingly to ensure compliance of legal responsibilities.
Ethical Responsibility Boeing has established a company code that addresses ethical business conduct for members of the board of directors. Confidentiality is incorporated by the code. The board of directors must maintain the confidentiality of Boeing at all times. Boeing dealt with unethical issues in the 2000’s streaming from contractual bids to consensual relationships with the board of directors which made headlines around the world. The negative publicity that Boeing was dealing with, hindered the perception of the executives and the company overall. The board of directors began planning on how to deal with the unethical conduct of the company and how to prevent it. The new hire employee training incorporated the initial training of ethics within the company and continual training on a yearly basis to ensure effective communication ranging from top executives to labor workers.
Social Responsibility Many companies overall such as Boeing have an obligation toward society that reflect on how their business is conducted which is called social responsibility. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have listed Boeing as the thirteenth-largest corporate producer of air pollution in the United States based on 2002 data (Wikipedia, 2008). Boeing’s executive management put together a corrective action plan on how to deal

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