Planning For A Local Bus System Through Valley Metro Essay

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In order to gain empathy and a better level of understanding about how someone that I serve in my work may use public transportation to obtain resources within our community, I chose to visit a local hospital using the local bus system. I thought long and hard about where to go and what type of public transportation to use. I then researched the internet to find some local community resources. I also did some research about local transportation in my community.
In planning for my trip, three types of public transportation came to my mind, the local bus, Dial-A-Ride and Uber. Dial-A-Ride needed advanced notice so I decided not to go with this form of public transportation. Uber seemed like taking a shortcut of the possible journey. I decided to use the local bus system through Valley Metro. I checked out the Valley Metro Website to learn about how, when and what I would need to ride the bus. The website was confusing and buying a two way bus pass was unfortunately not an online option. Although, I did find bus route maps and found out that whatever a bus ride costs that I would need exact change. (Route 186 — Union Hills/Mayo) I found out that the closest bus pick up location to my home was a mile or two away but because it was at the mall I could park my car at the mall. (Valley Metro, n.d.) (Peoria Dial-A-Ride, n.d.) (Uber, n.d.)
In choosing a community center for my destination, I went through a rule out process and coordinated my choice based on location, bus route and…

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