Essay about Planning Feasibility Study : Simone Richards

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Planning Feasibility Study
Simoné Richards

When turning on the radio on the way to work or coming back from school, one thing is certain: the same musicians’ songs are played again and again. The music industry is one of the most competitive and hardest industries to break into as an artist. So how do the young adults playing guitar in their bedrooms turn into the platinum selling super stars? The answer will soon be simple… Demline.

Business Idea
Demline is an online platform that allows budding musicians to submit their demos to a number of record companies in hopes of securing a deal. It provides an easy and efficient way to submit to a variety of companies without having to go through multiple different submission procedures. Record companies can choose for Demline to host their submissions for a set price and therefore have a simpler way to receive demos from the artists. For a small fee, users can then choose from the different companies whose submissions happen through Demline and send their demos in. The online platform creates ease of use for both the artists and companies, which appeals to the immense market tied to the music industry.

Potential customers
Demline has two target markets, the musicians who’ll submit their demos and the record companies whose submissions are hosted through Demline. The specific aspects of these two competitors are highlighted in the table below. Musicians Record companies
Geography As Demline is a website,…

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