Planning At The University Of California Essay

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Each year thousands of students attempt to transfer to a four-year university. In fall 2016 the University of Los Angeles had a total of 22,281 transfer students that applied for admissions, And 5,667 were admitted totaling a 25% admit rate. Also, in fall 2016 at the University of Southern California 8,750 applications from transfer students were submitted, And 2,400 admission offers were given totaling a 27% admit rate. Between both campuses 52% of the transfer students that submitted an application got accepted. The United States once had the highest graduation rate of any nation. Each year thousands of students attending Community Colleges strive to transfer to a four-year university and less than half are accepted.
Planning to transfer to the University of California can be challenging. Planning early could mean the difference of attending a community college for more than the standard timeframe of 2 years; before completing Lower-Division course-work. The graduation rate among 25 to 34 year-olds is no better than the rate for the 55 to 64 year-olds who were going to college more than 30 years ago. The average age of a community college student is 29, and two thirds of community college students attend part-time. Since 1985, more than half of all community college students have been women. Studies show that more and more poor and nonwhite students aspire to graduate from college but their graduation rates fall far short of their dreams. In addition, the…

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