Planning And Project Management Group Essay

754 Words Nov 5th, 2015 4 Pages
With the continued pressure to right size our business unit, declining call volumes and corporate directives that call in question the viability of the Technology department, it is critical to make adjustment in the Planning and Project Management group so that we can be more effective next year. These changes will impact the way projects are initiated, planned, executed to ensure that only the highest priority items have out attention. There will be a number benefits to this approach including improved cross training, more efficient use of resources and greater focus on the working those projects that will truly benefit the business.
The current process of project review and initiation would benefit from implementation of a more stringent review process that aligns with the not only the business requirements but takes into account the budget realities. In previous years, the Strategic team would consider each idea first, prepare the basic design and initial cost estimate before the project was approved and a planner assigned. Since that review process no longer takes place, the planners are assigned the project and begin initial work without fully vetting the idea or considering how it might impact competing projects. By creating a review board that includes the strategic team, finance and marketing, only those projects that align with the current goals will be approved for assignment to a planner. This would reduce the amount of extra work that is created but…

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