Planning and Leading a Complex Team Activity Essay

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ILM Level 5
Diploma in Management and Leadership

M4.03 Planning and Leading a Complex Team Activity

Assignment Task: Planning And Leading A Complex Team Activity 1.1 Define the purpose, aims and objectives of the activity
When my training began with Wrightbus to become a first line manager in total there were six people setting out on the journey to lead teams on the production floor. As part of the ten week training programme the operations director handed us a group project where he wanted us as a group to introduce a new system to manage and maintain small tools owned by the company throughout the factory. This would obviously test our skills as team players and was obviously a massive challenge as the issues with tools
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* Investigate using different types of tools and if they are feasible justify the cost in replacing them. * Investigate the current maintenance of tools and look at their possible life span. * Investigate outside sources to seek guidance on possible tool management systems being used successfully by other companies. * Prepare all information and recommendations in a presentation to the senior management team.
As the project gathered momentum it quickly became clear that the size of the task was huge and so time would become a major constraint as we were limited to four hours per week and this was for a ten week period. This meant realistically we agreed at best we would at the end of the ten week programme be in a position to have thoroughly investigated all avenues and made recommendations as to a way forward. 1.3 Produce a plan for the implementation of the activity
Looking forward we agreed that the introduction of a proper small tools management system would need to be implemented in stages as it was a complex problem because of how poorly it had been mismanaged previously meaning this activity was in fact a complete overhaul. This would mean that any new system would be introduced on one line to begin with to prove its worth and credibility to both the management team and workforce.
It was important to develop a realistic and credible implementation plan as this would provide a solid base

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