Plan For Change For Transition Myself Into A Healthier Lifestyle

824 Words Apr 9th, 2016 4 Pages
I drive to grow as a person and having aspirations will help me progress in my life. My objective throughout this semester is to provide a plan for change to transition myself into a healthier lifestyle. I want to be in good physical shape, have more energy to do things that I enjoy, actually be proud to flaunt myself, and improve my relationship with my significant other. My goal is to lose thirty pounds by starting a routine of exercising four days a week for at least thirty minutes each day as well as work on communication skills. I specifically plan to change my behavior and cut out all soda out of my diet, dedicate my time to exercise, walk to the mailbox daily regardless, and express my feelings rather than keeping them private.
Working on getting to a healthier state is important to me, so I asked for assistance from my boyfriend and my mother. My boyfriend was positive throughout my project by offering reassurance when I needed it and he also offered fun physical activities such as tennis and hiking to meet my daily timed goals. He was also ready to improve our relationship by setting up nightly chats to inform each other of our day and what we were feeling. I asked my mother to help me track my progress or lack thereof regarding my weight loss goal. I had her ask me daily about my exercising routine and if I had completed it; if I did not, she would encourage me to switch my off days with my physical days. She was my biggest support system through this project.

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