What Are The Components Of The Epcor Integrated Management Sytem

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The Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle is the bedrock of the EPCOR HMS. I set out a plan to spend 30 minutes each day to study the EPCOR OHSMS and to see how this system applied to the integrated management sytem. By studying the various components of the EPCOR integrated management sytem, I was able to understand hoiw the HSE corporate services provides structure to operational groups including the HSE management system. I was also able to understand how the check part of the OHSMS was necessary to serve as a performance measurement and monitoring tool, evaluation of compliance, and for conformance audit and assessment.
This goal was achieved by the set deadline because as I carried out my project I had to make reference to the Hazardous product
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Hence, I will be expected to conduct myself professionally.
Before the start of my co-op program, there was a general rule that I followed when I was not clear on a procedure.
A good understanding of what my responsibilities and limitations of a co-op student was vital for success in the program. Understanding of the specific duties that I was expected to do on my own and to audit my own processes and task was essential. Understanding how the goals, functions, and services of the health and safety department and how it relates to the operations and processes of the larger organization is also vital.
Secondly, knowning how work gets done and when to perform work independently or with a co-worker. Also knowing when instruction and directions are to be received and setting up a frequency for the review of the process.
Thirdly, knowing where important items are kept and where resource information can be located was an essential key for success. Also understanding the off-limits for information resource was worth
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This plan was reviewed and subsequently approved by management.

Describe the technical skills you learned or improved.
There were quite a number of technical skills that I acquired during my co-op term at EPCOR. Firstly, I was able to under the various stages of project management as this was essential in the project that was assigned to me.
I was able to understand the importance of process safety and the safety through design at the initial stage of a design process and the cost of retrofitting when the safety through design concept was moved from a forethought to an afterthought. I was able to see first hand the integration of hazard analysis and risk assessment methods early in the design and engineering stages of a project.
Also a good understanding of the actions atht EPCOR takes so that the risks of injury or damage are at an acceptable level.
Also the proactive versus reactive approach to safety practiced by the company was a skill that I gained from

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