Plan A Marketing Campaign : Hobbiton Movie Set Essay

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I am doing a marketing plan for Hobbiton and in this plan it contains 5 sections, the first section is knowing your customers, the second section is spreading the word and the third section is go online, the fourth section is getting ready to sell internationally and the last section is taking part in events.
Section one- Market Analysis
The Market Analysis is about the visitors coming into New Zealand, and the Waikato Region. The most visitors that come into New Zealand are from Australia, the United Kingdom, Korea and Germany. There has been an increase of international visitors to New Zealand which has increased 10.7% from 2015, with 3.172 million visitors. Within this year, 69% of travelers plan to try something new, 15% will try adventure travel for the first time. In 2015 1,432,736 visitors traveled to New Zealand for a holiday. In 2015 347,456 international visitors visited the Waikato region, which has increased from 29,052 visitors since December 2014. One in five travelers have visited a destination because they have seen it on TV this is good for Hobbiton because Hobbiton is based off a film and made it into an attraction.

1) Demographic people aged 05-75 years of age, male or female.
2) Psychographic because the people who are visiting Hobbiton are most likely interested in the movies, or want to experience what it is like to be on the set of the Hobbit series.
Section two- Communication plan

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