Plagiarism's Results/Acknowledgement In TAR UCL

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vii. Completion/submission date.

b. Plagiarism statement which is duly signed by each student in the team.

c. Plagiarism’s results/acknowledgement.

i. Plagiarism should NOT exceed 15% of the safeassign check in TAR UC’s CeL.

ii. Representation of another person's work as your own, without acknowledgement of the source, for the purpose of satisfying formal assessment requirements is considered plagiarism.

iii. Assignment which is found to be plagiarised will be given a 0 (zero) marks.

d. Evaluation Forms A & B (as provided herewith) that are completed with the required and relevant particulars.

e. List or table of contents.

a. The contents of the business plan. (Proper citation should be provided in the body of the written assignment)

f. References, if any or relevant, should be shown in bibliography (in latest Harvard referencing system – refer to TAR UC’s CeL).

g. Appendix, used to attach graphs, diagrams, figures, and other findings, is to support the document/write up.

1. Length of project contents is of minimum 4000 words, but less than 5000 words. However, completeness of write-up is a
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Presentation of the assignment or project will begin, after submission, during tutorial or as decided and mentioned by the tutor concerned.

a. Sequence of the groups presenting will be arranged in random by the tutor concerned.

b. Students are requested to be prepared and carry out the presentation as part of the assignment. Students will be graded for teamwork, professionalism, synergy, overall flow and organisation of the report.

c. Formal presentation manner is required. Hence, students are expected to be in formal wear and perform in a professional manner.

2. Presentation of assignment:

a. Each team is strictly limited to 20 minutes of presentation. Marks will be deducted for over or far below the time allocated.

a. Presentation using computer and projector are expected as these will affect mark award on handling presentation aids.

b. Students are expected to be prepared for Q&A session during presentation.

4. Students are required to submit a copy of presentation material to tutor concerned prior to their presentation.

5. The criteria on assessing the presentation are shown in the Evaluation Form B attached herewith.

Coursework 3: Continuous Assessment

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