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Dangers of Plagiarism
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Plagiarism is the verbatim act of copying or imitating the language, thoughts or ideas of another author or person and representing them as one’s own original work. This is done without the consent of the original author or person who is the rightful owner of the content. It may be intentional, unintentional or via reckless means. Plagiarism is a serious violation of academic honesty in the academia world. There are various causes of plagiarism which include: I. Inadequate research skills and writing skills among individuals. This includes problems in evaluating the source of internet for reference ,
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Here an individual may borrow phrases from a certain source without using the quotation marks as required. 4. ACCIDENTAL PLAGIARISM
When writing an article, failure to site sources of reference for the work accidentally plagiarizes the reference sources.
Also during quoting their source an author may misquote the latter hence accidentally plagiarizing such work.
An author may also unintentionally paraphrase a source of reference by using same words, sentence structure and (or) group of words without attribution. Plagiarism is considered a malpractice in the academia world and hence a serious violation of academic honesty. There are very serious repercussions that result from this malpractise.The effects of plagiarism are: 1. Destroyed student reputation. 2. Destroyed professional reputation. 3. Legal effects. 4. Monetary effects. 1. Destroyed student reputation
In the event a student plagiarizes another person’s work, he or she may suffer the consequences of expulsion or suspension from his institution of learning. Consequently he or she might be penalized in his or her academic certificates hence destroying the student’s reputation academically. 2. Destroyed professional reputation
Journalists, newspaper writers among other writing professionals in the event of

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