Essay on Plagiarism And Cheating Should Not Be Banned

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There are many concerns with the question “why do students feel the need to cheat or use plagiarism?”, even though plagiarism has decreased in the past years is it because there are more consequences and threats made to the students but, students still have an increase rate of cheating. The article Plagiarism and Cheating states that “In surveys, a majority of college and high school students admit to cheating on a test or written assignment.” There are not many ways authorities can find to stop plagiarism and cheating but, to have strict consequences. Even though they have tried many other punishments they cannot seem to find the correct one to help students be educated instead of being deceitful about their work. Unfortunately, plagiarism and cheating has always been a problem parents, teachers, and students. Therefore, all three groups are responsible for the access amount of plagiarism and cheating.
First, the parents are responsible for solving this problem, the things learned at home play a major role in the student’s future. Some students have enough courage to think that anything is possible and do not need to cheat or copy just to get by in school. Parents should always remind their children that there are other ways in life rather than taking the shortcut. Confidence should be taught from birth parents play a large role in making sure their kids have the knowledge and confidence in their critical thinking skills. Parents should be responsible for teaching their…

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