Plagiarism, A Form Of Scholarly Theft Essay

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I. DEFINITIONS A. Plagiarism: Since the inception of formal university writing, plagiarism, a form of scholarly theft, has plagued academia. Plagiarism is the intentional, or unintentional, presentation of another’s original words and ideas your own, and constitutes the expression of any audio, visual or written word recorded without properly citing the source of said information. B. Falsification: Falsification is the alteration, replication or production of an academic paper by purposefully suppressing or distorting the sources of information. Falsification also includes intentionally signing on behalf of another, or allowing another to do the same, on the aforementioned manipulated documents. C. Cheating: Cheating is the deliberate act of receiving or providing work completed by another student in an attempt to present a comprehension or aptitude in a subject that the student has not developed themselves.
II. QUOTATIONS A. Proper Use: Quotations are way for the writer to show the reader that the information being provided was directly drawn from a secondary source in the exact language originally used. By providing the information in quotations, you are not only telling the reader that the originality of the information was another’s idea, you are giving them a means in which to trace the information back to its original source from which it was drawn. Accuracy when quoting is of utmost importance, as the…

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