Placement Reflective Report Essay

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I. Reflective Report II. Appendix A III.References

My Placement journey has been one of many mixed emotions. I have found myself at times feeling very frustrated and despondent but on the upside I have been given opportunity to meet and learn from some very skilled and professional youth workers. My Placement began at my current workplace and I had completed 100 hours, but I was finding it hard to separate myself from my worker role to my student role also at times some minor conflict was present between my placement supervisor who was also my work peer when I was there on my normal employment days. At first the dual roles worked fine but soon issues started to arise as I felt when I was in my student role and
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However my first shift was at the emergency house went better than I had anticipated. I was pleasantly surprised at the differences between the organisations. Uniting Care operates on a two worker model and all the staff have formal qualifications relevant to the work they are undertaking. They are well trained and educated when incidents present they know how to professionally handle the situation. This is very different from my previous experience with residential care.
I undertook my placement across three houses and the main office and attended student information session at the head office.
My role was to shadow shift the permanent youth worker and if needed offer assistance where needed. Other tasks I was required to completed included
• Assisting to maintain high standard of cleanliness, tidiness, comfort, safety, homeliness
• Creating a dinner routine with nutritious meals
• Provide transportation
• Assist with homework
• Supporting young people to engage in suitable activities in the school holidays and after school
• Assisting the Education Officer to support the young people to learn life skills in a planned and supported way
• Maintain a safe environment
• As part of a team, identify areas where young people’s needs could be better met
• Implement new filing system for all three houses
• Develop holiday programs and education plans and assist in implementing these at the emergency house and evaluating if the

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