Placement Analysis Shore Ditch House Essay

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Executive Summary
This report will discuss and analyse the business activities of Shoreditch House, a private members club and hotel, part of Soho House Group. The report is written from the perspective of a placement student working for Shoreditch House for the duration of one year; spending time working on all floors, primarily in front of hour, largely in the Events department.
Soho House Group was Founded in 1995, a sole private members club in West London, it has since grown to include a range of private members clubs, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and spa’s spanning Europe and North America. Although the houses design varies based on location, the ethos to ‘create a comfortable home for a community of like-minded people’ is
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The report will then go on to a self-analysis and evaluation of the development of the student, both personally and professionally. Looking at the application process, the development of interpersonal skills and self awareness, the enhancement of personal and professional skills summarising with the impact of placement as a whole. Improvements have been made from the perspective of the student in terms of dealing with complaints and confrontation, team working and time management. It identifies changes in attitudes, approaches and interests and notes the benefits such changes will have on the final year of studies, future career choices and graduate prospects, with a strong gratitude to the company and process of placement year.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements Page 4
List of Abbreviations, Figures and Appendix Listing
The Placement Overview Page 6
Section A: Evaluation of Organisation’s Business Activities

1. Operations, Marketing & Business Environment Page 7
1.1. Company Profile and History
1.2 Placement Location – Shoreditch House
2. The Operational Environment Page 8
2.1. Customer Profile
2.2. Competitors
2.2.1. Porters’ Five-Forces Model Current Competitors Potential Competition Barriers to Entry Barriers to Exit The Threat of Substitute Products The Power of Suppliers Power of Buyers

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