Pizza Store Layout Simulation Essay example

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Pizza Store Layout Simulation
Maurice A. Correia
Instructor: Ray Mowery
December 20, 2010

Pizza Store Layout Simulation 350 slices of pizza are eaten by Americans every second, there are approximately 61, 269 pizzerias in the United States, each serving around 61,000 customers per year. In the pizza store layout simulation I will examine, identify, and discuss points of process performance and metrics within the pizza business. This paper will also discuss alternative ways to run processes and apply the learning curve concepts to test the alternative against the existing process. This paper will also discuss how good the initial process data is compared to the new alternative. The objectives of this assignment
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Other areas to consider would be to increase patronage through marketing or special events. We want the business to continue to run as a fine tuned machine at the facility that currently operates, but expansion is on the horizon for the pizza store. Layout might be another factor where we can accommodate more patrons through proper set up and configuration of the dining facility. We want the customers to feel comfortable, but not have unused space where a table could fit and be generating income. Another area where we might be able to squeeze some profits from is by promoting the most profitable items on the menu to the customers who eat there. Bundled deal packages may be another way to increase profits. Customers love the full meal bundle deals and will most likely order that rather than individual sides. This strategy assures customers are buying at a higher level for a better price. All of these areas would be relatively easy to implement and the learning curve on these new offerings should not affect the current staff in its day to day activities.
These ideas combined can take this restaurant to the next level and will let us know if we are meeting the needs of the customers or not. There have been many changes discussed in this scenario to find the optimal operating layout for the restaurant. In this scenario the wait staff and

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