Essay on Pit Bulls Are Not Dangerous And Should Be Aloud As Pets

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English IV
Mrs. Sites
7 May, 2016
Pit Bulls Are Not Dangerous and Should Be Aloud as Pets
There is a worldwide debate on whether or not pit bulls should have a law banning them, but the facts go to show that pit bulls are extremely loyal, protective, and well behaved household pets that are good with children and other animals. In the United States today there are approximately five million registered pit bulls (Pit Bulls: Dog Breed Discrimination). However, most people do not know that pit bulls are considered to be many different types of breeds such as Stafford bull terriers and English bull terriers. People against owning a pit bull as a pet say that the breed itself has a pretty bad reputation of being aggressive. All breeds of dogs have a few human attacks here and there, but the smaller the dog the less damage it will do to the body therefore most dog attacks are not acted upon. Aggression in pit bulls is actually proven to be quite normal people just see them as “scary” or “mean” and do not take the time out of their day to actually see that pit bulls just have a bad rep and are great caring dogs. Although pit bulls may seem mean at first once a family becomes close with one they see a playful and loving dog and that is why many people for pit bulls believe that they should stay legal pets and not become banned in the United States. The pit bull was created by breeding bulldogs and terriers together to produce a dog with the gameness and agility of a terrier and…

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