Pit Bulls Are Considered The American Dog Essay

1044 Words May 7th, 2015 null Page
Pit Bulls are considered “The American Dog”. They have changed the way many Americans view dogs, but not only dogs the specific breed pit bulls. Many people only see them as mean, dangerous animals. They blame the dogs’ behavior based on the few pit bulls they see on the news for “attacking” someone. Pit bulls are not naturally mean-natured dogs. There have been multiple studies done on pit bulls to prove that they are not a danger to our society. Particularly, after reading the article The Problem With People, Not Pit Bulls it seems to make the reader come to the conclusion that the reasoning behind the “mean” attitude that we sometimes see in pit bulls doesn’t always come just from the animal. Logically, the owners and people around the dog impact the dogs behavior in a great amount. The president of the American Pit Bulls Foundation states in his article that “dogs are products of their environment as well as their genetics” (Enos 2). When this statement into consideration one may realize that pit bulls just like any other dogs or any other animal for that matter, only react to things by what they have been around, much like kids. In particular, the president of the APB Foundation clarifies in his section Let’s Talk Statistics that many times pit bulls are mis-identified. There have been multiple times that news reporters have classified a dog that had attacked someone as a pit bull, when in that case that was not the type of breed. Pit Bulls have had a bad…

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