Essay on Pirates: Piracy and Golden Age

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Josh Davis
FYE 102
Paper 1
Golden Age Pirates vs. Modern Day Pirates

Piracy has been around before the time of the pyramids. Once merchant ship began to deliver goods to other countries, others realized the financial gain that could be made by stealing those goods and selling them themselves. Pirates have ruled the seas at different times. Once Europeans settled in the American colonies, pirates plundered towns along the coast and attacked almost every ship they came in contact with. During the 18th century, wars gave rise to privateering; a legal form of piracy. But, after the War of 1812, this was no longer tolerated. Government put an end to most piracy but, today there are still pirates. By comparing the pirates
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This gave pirates access to an unlimited amount of goods and treasures. Today, small high-speed vessels can easily catch up to larger vessels. The plunder is equally rewarding, but easier to convert into cash. Both generations of pirates need hunting grounds where the risk of detection is small. Golden Age pirates patrolled near Africa, the American and European coast, and as far north as the Caribbean. Today’s pirates thrive off the coasts of Africa and South China. Finally, they both need a safe haven. Port Royal offered a safe place for Golden Age pirates to stay. Many of Indonesia’s islands provide a safe haven for today’s pirates. Weaponry and Technology are very different today than three hundred years ago. Swords and muskets were the weapons of choice for Golden Age pirates. Today, pirates wield automatic rifles and modern communication technology. Past pirates used wooden ships with large crews and used cannons to defend their ships. Today’s pirates used small fast boats with small crews.
Golden Age pirates attacked any ship that crossed their path, “crime of opportunity”. Today’s pirates plan their attacks and select victims before they even leave shore.

“The truth is that modern piracy is a violent, bloody, ruthless practice… made the more fearsome by the knowledge on the part of the victims that they are on their own and absolutely defenseless and that no help is waiting round the corner” Captain Jayant

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