Piracy PDP: Against Cowspiracy

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Intro to Environmental Science
Cowspiracy PDP: Against Cowspiracy

Brief Introduction In the documentary Cowspiracy, Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn seek to expose the impact of the agricultural industry on global climate change. However, the documentary deceives audiences of the real contribution of agriculture to global warming, Anderson and Kuhn negatively portray environmentalists and lose credibility themselves, and Cowspiracy fails to realize the consequences a global, vegan lifestyle would present. Cowspiracy unsuccessfully argues the problems of the agricultural industry and vegan lifestyle.

Argument: Get the Number Right Central to the argument of Cowspiracy is the shocking contribution of the agricultural
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In efforts of proving that the “fact” is largely unknown, Andersen goes out to various environmental institutions and questions them on their knowledge of the importance of agriculture to global climate change. As previously stated, agriculture accounts for only part of the 24% of greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the smaller part that the agricultural society plays in society, many of the environmental institutions have little to no knowledge of the environmental impacts. Many of the people that he interviews (besides the environmental institutions that are pro-vegan/pro-vegetarian) are left to speculate or guess on the agriculture issues. In many of the interviews, the person responds with an “I think...” statement, followed up by “but, I don’t really know,” thus giving image to how little environmentalists know about the whole “agricultural” situation that Andersen is allegedly unveiling. Their lack of knowledge should be indicating to the audience that if head of corporations do not even recognize this problem, then the problem must not be that much of a contributing issue - at least not to the extent that the documentary portrays it to …show more content…
The documentary provides so much evidence that the argument to become vegan/vegetarian still remains strong. I found that the comparison of taking a shorter shower or riding a bike to choosing to not eat meat was a compelling argument as you can actively choose to create more positive impact to refuse meat. In addition, I gained a new view of the agricultural industry that truly put the gravity of the issue into perspective for me in that the topic is highly and unfortunately unreported. After watching Cowspiracy, I am convinced that this topic deserves more attention - especially with the amount of water and land that is being used in our agricultural

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