Piracy Is The Only One Affected By Piracy Essay

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"[I]f one quarter of the people that usually pirate [Football Manager] switch to purchasing Football Manager 2012, the sales of the game worldwide would more than double" reveals videogame developer and publisher SEGA (Purchese). This means that approximately 80% of the people who use Football Manager 2012 own a pirated copy of the game. This number can be found from the quote provided by SEGA as one quarter of 80% is equal to the other 20% who have purchased the game, in effect doubling their income. With the percent of users pirating videogames is between 40 to 80 percent even for one of the largest game developers, profit off games becomes increasingly difficult as a large majority of their player base is not paying for the game they are playing (Purchese). Additionally, the videogame industry is not the only one affected by piracy. Both the movie and music industries are also affected as piracy through peer to peer networks and other methods increases. Due to the anonymity that the internet has given people, piracy became normalized as it is often not seen as an actual crime, akin to theft of physical goods, by those who pirate. Often, pirates see pirating as a game or a hobby, specifically the task of cracking into digital products and getting past the security measures that were installed. So how are lawmakers or the creators of various forms of entertainment supposed to prevent the rampant theft of their product?
Since the internet has existed for a couple…

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